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Last modified on June 3, 2024

You might struggle with the decision to hire a personal injury lawyer after getting hurt in an accident caused by someone else. It seems like a cost you can’t afford while you’re paying medical bills and expenses related to your injury. However, most personal injury attorneys work on contingency. That means they don’t require upfront fees or costs to work on your case.

Hiring an attorney can also simplify your life. You won’t have to handle the mountains of paperwork, communicate with the insurance adjuster, or gather evidence. You will have an experienced and resourceful legal team to do everything for you.

Your priority should be treating your injury and getting your life back on track. Adding more responsibilities to your routine can quickly become overwhelming. However, seeking legal representation will relieve your burden. You will have more time to focus on your health and future while your lawyer does the hard work.

Below are the top three reasons you should hire a personal injury lawyer after sustaining injuries in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence.

Establishing Liability Is Complicated

Sometimes, determining who is at fault for an accident is simple. You might have been in a car crash with a drunk driver. In that case, the drunk driver is liable for your injury. However, establishing liability when an accident involves multiple parties is more complicated.

An experienced attorney can launch a thorough investigation to determine what happened. They can uncover crucial information about the cause of the incident and whether one or multiple people are at fault.

Your lawyer can also gather valuable evidence to prove who should be responsible for your medical bills and other expenses. They can collect copies of your medical records, review the police/incident report, speak to eyewitnesses, and secure video surveillance footage.

Sometimes, multiple people share liability for an accident. In South Carolina, the modified comparative negligence law allows a jury to reduce a plaintiff’s compensation by their percentage of fault. That means you might receive less money than you need to compensate for your losses. You’re prohibited from a financial recovery if your percentage of fault is 51 percent or higher.

If you’re partially responsible for the accident, your lawyer can work to protect your rights to compensation, even if your actions contributed to your injury to some degree.

The Insurance Company Isn’t on Your Side

Despite what you might think, the insurance adjuster handling your claim is not on your side. Your goal is to recover maximum compensation. Their goal is to avoid paying your claim. That means they will look for evidence to blame you for the accident or disprove the severity of your injury. They can deny your claim or provide an inadequate settlement offer if they find a valid reason to do so.

Negotiating with the insurance adjuster yourself will likely lead to a negative outcome. They can take advantage of your lack of knowledge about the process and state laws. They might trick you into saying something they can use against you or scare you into settling for an amount much less than you’re entitled to.

Your personal injury attorney knows the tactics insurance companies use to reduce the value of claims. Your attorney can calculate your losses to determine the settlement amount you deserve. They will aggressively pursue the money owed to you for your injury. If the insurer refuses to increase their initial offer or denies the claim, your lawyer can file a lawsuit and take your case to court.

More Access to Resources During a Personal Injury Case

Personal injury lawyers can access resources, such as experts, to strengthen an accident victim’s case. They might hire an accident reconstruction specialist to show who is at fault and prove you are entitled to compensation. They can also speak to healthcare professionals about your injury to establish its severity and impact on your daily life.

Your attorney can also track down witnesses to get their statements. Written statements can bolster your claim and support your version of the story. Obtaining photos from the accident scene and security camera footage also helps. You might not know where to look for this evidence if you handle your case alone.

Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer to Help with Your Case

You don’t have to face the complicated claims or lawsuit process alone. A lawyer is a valuable tool in recovering the compensation you deserve.

Call Murphy Crantford Meehan at (843) 773-4430 for a free consultation today if you sustained injuries in an accident due to someone else’s negligence. We are dedicated to getting justice for our South Carolina clients. Let us help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

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