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Last modified on June 3, 2024

Murphy Crantford Meehan attorney William Crantford, recently graduated from Trial Lawyers’ College at Thunderhead Ranch near Dubois, Wyoming. Jerry Meehan previously graduated in September 2017. The college is a 23-day trial skills training program for attorneys who practice civil litigation and/or criminal defense. Trial Lawyer’s College was started by legendary attorney Gerry Spence over 25 years ago. The college is designed to train attorneys who fight courtroom battles against the government and large corporations to get justice for individual citizens.

Applicants to the Trial Lawyer’s College 3-Week Course are admitted on a competitive basis. Admission decisions are made by the TLC Board of Directors based on trial experience, a detailed essay, and character references. The 3-Week Course is Trial Lawyers College’s flagship course that provides hands-on tools to help lawyers achieve justice for clients. Attendees came from across the United States, with participants hailing from California all the way to Florida.

Trial Lawyers College is a non-profit organization for training and educating trial attorneys.. For more information, visit the Trial Lawyer’s College website.

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