About Murphy Crantford Meehan

About the Murphy Crantford Meehan Law Firm

Murphy Crantford Meehan is a full-service law firm that prides itself on working with clients to find a just solution to their legal problems throughout the entire State of South Carolina. Together, Chris Murphy, William Crantford and Jerry Meehan have the training and support staff to take on the most complex issues. The firm approaches every client with respect and a willingness to listen to their problems. Murphy Crantford Meehan is dedicated to finding the best solution for each client’s needs.

Over the years, we have established a reputation as trial lawyers who get things done. We are experienced Trial Lawyers. Jerry and William are Graduates of Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College in Dubois, Wyoming. Chris began his legal career as a prosecutor with the First Circuit Solicitors Office and was also appointed as a Special Assistant United States Attorney.

Our firm is focused on helping those who are injured in a variety of accidents, including car accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, product injuries, and work-related claims. Since 1995, our attorneys represented thousands of hardworking South Carolinians from all walks of life whose lives have been harmed by negligence.

At Murphy Crantford Meehan, we will not back down from a fight and have no reservations about challenging negligent truckers, automobile drivers, employers, property owners, manufacturers and insurers on behalf of our clients. 

Our attorneys experienced business success before attending law school and opening the Murphy Crantford Meehan Firm. After graduating from The Citadel, Chris joined the South Carolina Army National Guard. Following college, Jerry operated a successful retail business venture and William worked as a social media advisor for political campaigns. 

Chris, Jerry and William know what it means to work hard, and they are ready to put that understanding to use for every client.

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