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Charleston, SC, Personal Injury Lawyers for Speeding-Related Car Accidents

In Charleston, speeding is one of the most common causes of car accidents. The faster someone drives, the more likely they are to cause an accident, the more forceful an accident will be, and the more potential there is for serious injury or even death as a result.

If you were involved in a car accident caused by a speeding driver, don’t wait to enlist the services of a trusted local attorney. At Murphy Crantford Meehan, our team of Charleston lawyers for car accidents due to speeding works on behalf of injured clients in the fight for maximal, fair compensation. For a free, no-obligation case review, contact our office at (843) 376-4030.

The Role of Speeding in Car Accidents

Driving over the posted speed limit on any road is negligent behavior. There are a few different reasons  why speeding can either cause or worsen a car accident, including:

  • Lost control of the vehicle – The faster a driver goes, the less precise maneuvers they can make. If a speeding driver swerves in the middle of a tight turn, they can easily hit a vehicle next to them.
  • Longer stopping distance – Drivers in Charleston are expected to keep a safe following and stopping distance from other vehicles. The faster a driver travels, the longer their stopping distance is, and the more likely it is that they will hit another car when braking.
  • More forceful impact – Higher speed equals more force when vehicles collide, and more force equals more severe injuries. 
  • Hinders safety features – For airbags or intelligent pre-crash systems to be most effective at preventing injury, they must deploy at the right time. The higher the speed of an accident, the less likely these systems will activate correctly.

Some common injuries from speeding-related crashes include:

  • Bruising
  • Muscle sprains, strains, or tears
  • Broken bones
  • Whiplash
  • Concussion
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal injuries

Who’s Responsible for a Speeding-Related Car Accident in Charleston?

Liability in a speeding-related car accident can rest with multiple different parties. However, your lawyer’s investigation will begin with the speeding driver, and they’ll likely use a doctrine called “negligence per se” in your case. 

Negligence per se applies when a driver speeds or otherwise breaks the law. If their violation directly led to your accident, then they could hold some liability by default. 

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, other liable parties could include:

  • A car company – If a car company designed a faulty vehicle that was later involved in an accident, such as one with a sticky accelerator or defective gauges, they could hold some liability for an accident.
  • A parts manufacturer – If a defective part caused mechanical failures and led to a speeding-related accident, the manufacturer could be responsible for compensating you in a lawsuit.
  • An employer – If the speeding driver was on duty at their job and using a company-issued vehicle, their employer could bear some liability for the crash.

Evidence in a Speeding-Related Car Accident Case

In a speeding accident lawsuit, your legal team must prove that the defendant was negligent and that they caused your injuries and losses. They will obtain a variety of different types of evidence to support your claims, including:

  • Medical documentation with information on your injuries
  • Financial documentation, such as pay stubs, to show lost wages
  • Your pain journal as documentation of your emotional distress and the injury’s effect on your life
  • Dashcam or CCTV footage of the accident 
  • Eyewitness testimony

It’s crucial to note that according to Title 56, Chapter 5 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, speeding tickets are not admissible as evidence in civil actions, including personal injury cases, even if the defendant paid the fine. 

Further, while an officer can opine about who was at fault in an accident report, the courts consider these statements hearsay, making them generally inadmissible.

How Murphy Crantford Meehan Can Help

At Murphy Crantford Meehan, we take pride in our comprehensive approach to each case. We have the skills, experience, and resources necessary to help you through each step of the legal process, and most of the successful cases we fight never go to court.

While you focus on your recovery, we’ll work “behind the scenes” to:

  • Identify liable parties
  • Obtain the evidence necessary to prove your case
  • Prepare demand letters to insurance companies
  • Attempt to negotiate a fair settlement for you
  • Represent you in mediation sessions or at alternative dispute resolution, if necessary
  • File the lawsuit and argue your case at trial, if necessary

Time Limit to File a Speeding Accident Lawsuit in South Carolina

According to the South Carolina statute of limitations, the latest you can file a personal injury suit is three years from the accident date. However, the court may pause, or “toll,” the statutory period under certain circumstances, including:

  • You were under 18 – If you were under 18 when you were injured, the court would pause the clock. Once you turn 18, you have one more year to file the suit before the statutory period expires.
  • The defendant leaves the state – If the defendant in the lawsuit leaves South Carolina for at least one straight year, the filing period will likely pause. It will resume once the defendant returns to the state.
  • The injured party was declared “insane” – The filing period can pause for up to five years if the injured party was declared “insane.” It will resume once the person is no longer considered “insane.”

No matter the circumstances of your case, you will have better odds of success the sooner you hire an attorney.

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