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Golfing continues to be a popular game among amateurs and pros alike, especially on beautiful golf courses like Shadowmoss Plantation Golf Club, which Golf Digest praised as “the best golf value in Charleston.” Although it is uncommon to get injured while swinging a club, what is fairly common is being injured while riding or driving a golf cart on the golf course. That’s something that may not cross people’s minds as a possibility. If you can believe it, there are over 13,000 golf cart accidents nationwide every year. These golf cart accidents are not exclusive to a golf course, although that’s where most injuries occur. Whether it is because of a collision or someone falling out of the golf cart, Injuries are often serious and sometimes fatal.

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What Makes Golf Cart Accidents Different?


Always Consult a Lawyer

Dealing with golf cart accidents is much different from other vehicular accidents, which is why it is best to consult a golf cart accident lawyer that is familiar with personal injury laws specific to golf carts.

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Our lawyers at Murphy Crantford Meehan can help determine what kind of case you will face since we are aware of the financial, physical and emotional burden an injury can cause to our clients. Be sure to speak with the best golf cart accident attorneys in Charleston, SC zip codes 29401, 29407, 29414, 29424, and 29455.

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Golf Cart Injury Lawsuits

As with a car accident, you may qualify for damages paid by the party at fault if you can prove negligence. We’ll thoroughly review your case to determine who is ultimately responsible for the golf cart accident. We can discuss with you what happens if you crash a golf cart. If you think you are liable for golf cart damages, an experienced attorney can examine the nature of the accident to determine where liability truly lies.

For instance, the golf cart maker would be at fault if the accident was due to issues with vehicle design. If the crash was due to speeding, intoxication or reckless driving, the driver or golf cart owner would be liable for the personal injury claim. Sometimes, the passengers would be at fault if they were not following safety procedures while the cart was in motion. At a golf course, a course operator may or may not be liable if an accident was caused by the driver, depending on the circumstances. It’s not surprising for a person injured in a golf cart accident to fault the golf club, especially if an employee failed to meet expectations.

The Importance of Proving Negligence

The victim in a golf cart accident will usually file a lawsuit against the at-fault party for their negligence. For a successful lawsuit, the injured person must be able to demonstrate that the defendant failed in their responsibility to take reasonable care.

The golf cart injury claim would cover the plaintiff’s medical expenses, disfigurement or scarring, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, loss of wages, property damage, and household expenses.

As for insurance, it is important to check with your insurance agent to find out if golf cart is covered under homeowner’s insurance. Most standard homeowner’s policies provide little coverage for golf cart just as a standard car insurance policies typically won’t offer protection for your golf cart.

Depending on where you live or who your insurer is, you may be able to add on an endorsement to your existing homeowners or car insurance policy to help better cover your golf cart. Or, you may choose to buy a policy specifically for your golf cart.

Not sure if you need golf cart insurance? Well, in the state of South Carolina, like many other states, proof of liability insurance for the golf cart is required to cover you whether you wrecked a golf cart or a golf cart hit your car.


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